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Friday the 14th February saw the last round of the 2002-2003 Alien Rock Fun Bouldering Competitions. This event being termed the lurve event falling on Valentines day.

Turn out was down on the previous events, those attached no doubt folding under the pressure. It was nice to see couples of better character making it down, priorities right That left an open field for the singles for the pulling to commence ;)

Problems this event were admittedly soft touch across the categories to make us all feel better that wed finished the series with such a fine score. The exception being a ridiculous dyno that no body could touch, not till after they handed there score cards in unfortunately.

Tom (Dark Horse) Edwards put on a fine performance to win the mens event, looks like that home board done the trick then. No surprises in the womens though.

The usual prizes were raffled out, nice to see that some fairies that made an effort to stop by went away with some new ropes. Some rather nice rock boots also went to good homes, reminiscent to those football numbers that help score more goals. Overall series winners received cash prizes for their efforts final scores shown below.

A special surprise is that series winners names are to be etched on a Golden Hold, the only question is what grade of route will it be on. Still better than a Golden Blob I suppose, dont give Ruben any more ideas...

Overall Scores for the Season

Note - Best 4 out of 5 scores count

Mens Hard Category Womens Hard Category
Name Score Name Score
Gary Vincent 1340 April Marr 1003
Niall McNair 1326 Olga Heaney 953
Chris Graham 1307 Kirsty McBirne 942
Mens Easy Category Womens Easy Category
Name Score Name Score
Martin Yeates 777 Kathryn Burt 677
Manuel Perez 753 K. Ives 572
Dominic Kehoe 705 Kelly Chang 540
Mens Under 16's Category Womens Under 16's Category
Name Score Name Score
Jack Willoughby 801 Lianne Smith 692
David Lambert 634 Aline Kirkland 668
Michael Kennedy 505 Hannah Aitken 509

Dave Redpath (14-02-2003)

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