Results from 2nd Mountain Equipment Dry Tooling Competition

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Saturday 22nd November seen the second Dry Tooling competition of its kind in the UK take place at the Ibrox climbing wall in Glasgow.

The allocated 16 team places were filled with some 48 competitors, from both professional and amateur backgrounds. A obvious handicap was had by some over more upmarket axe styles available, although DIY innovation by some was obvious.

An event recognised for its nasty accident potential, all competitors bar one made it home without injury. The competitor in question was unfortunate by excitedly missing the end of the log problem, to plant the axe firmly in his leg!

The years event was organised by Scott Muir with assistance from Paul Diffley and Dave Brown. Scott's inclusion in the competition this year meant problems were set by the Glasgow Climbing Center, as well as a few guest route setters in the form of Alien Rocks Paul Newman, and DMM's Tim Emmett who set boulder and top rope problems respectively.

The event organisers would like to thank all who attended, only such a strong interest can secure future events of its type. Also all the event sponsors: Mountain Equipment, Scarpa, Grivel, Wager Holds and Redbull. On a final note all competitors were duly reminded to respect the crags, as resins much more forgiving!

A full competition report can be found on Scott Muir's Web Site.

The results for this years competition are shown below.

  1. Mountain Equipment: Scott Muir, Dave MacLeod, Niall McNair - 480 - 1012
  2. Planet Fear: Ben Wilkinson, Chris Cubitt, Matt Spenceley - 458 - 962
  3. The Schoolyard: Paul Diffley, Dave Brown, Mike Tweedly, 413 - 893
  4. Laconi Collective 1: Mark Kelly, Kieran Kelly, Gordon Lennox - 393 - 869
  5. No Fear:, John Munro Michael Barton, Mark Weville - 334
  6. Team Ginger: Graham Doig, Neil McGeachy, Euan Whittaker - 282
  7. Hadrians Haddies: Chris McDaid, Raymond Wallace, Tony Stone - 272
  8. Tartan Tyke Trio: Gareth Jones, Mark Davidson, Colin [Steptoe!] - 256
  9. Laconi Collective 2: Graham Gatherer, Kevin Kelly, Garry Connor - 241
  10. The Temple Dwellers: Gary W.T.Luke, David C Elliot, Kevin Shields - 204
  11. Chicks with Picks: Fiona Murray, Laura Yarrow, Flo Babolat - 190
  12. Pavlovs Dogs: Olly Metherall, James Edwards, Vivian Scott - 186
  13. Frantastic: Fran Sheridan, Tom Buggy, Michael Docherts - 179
  14. Frantic Turtles: George Mcewan, Rosie Goolden, Allyson Muir - 164
  15. Mishits: Morgan Sinclair, Craig Adams, Jo Lennox - 133
  16. Pull Ma Tool: Alan McDonald, Chris Linnen, Stuart Richardson - 129
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