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Friday the 8th November seen the second round of the Alien Rock Indoor Fun Comps.

Predictably the problems were a little easier across the categories than last event, its always a case of overshoot, undershoot then about right. Its not exactly a science so the route setters are forgiven, perhaps they need to send round a forerunner to see how they hold up after all twenty five problems.

Murmurs of discontent groaned from the Mens hard category as the top three all ranked a top score of 350. In days pasted a super final would have given the boys the glory they so rightly deserved, now over weighted by time constraints of the masses need to get to the pub before lasties. In contrast the womens problems targeted about right with a fair split in scores for the top three.

We all better start shaking in our boots, the performance or the youth these days is impressive (cp U16s to Adult). Most of us twenty-thirty somethings perhaps have a false impression of how good our climbing careers have been since we started so young in our early teens, probably at Medowbank, Riccarton or Sailbury Crags. Kids nowadays are at Alien as soon as they fit rockboots. I was about to concede defeat to a reachy number only to see young Jack span the last move, while Big Roberts jaw hit the floor on a super low traverse as a young girl happily traversed along on what he couldnt do commenting I was a bit bunched up.

The raffle prize draw again got everyones attention, with a good chance of winning something from hats to ropes, socks being a popular prize. Perhaps the mens category should have a handicap for next time sporting big wooly socks, and no stealth rubber.

As always a good crack to be had and with the emphasis on Fun the guys at Alien have done another good job.


Mens Hard Category Womens Hard Category
Name Score Name Score
Roddy McKenzie 350 Katie Hider 292
Chris Graham 350 April Marr 266
Niall McNair 350 Kate Swain 247
Mens Easy Category Womens Easy Category
Name Score Name Score
Emilio Miguelanez 220 Barbara Miller 217
M Yeates 213 Janine Renton 207
Dave Ogden 207 Kathryn Burt 188
Mens Under 16's Category Womens Under 16's Category
Name Score Name Score
Sam Clarke 277 Lianne Smith 182
Jack Willoughby 202 Aline Kirkham 172
David Lambert 197 Hannah Aitken 144

Dave Redpath (09-11-2002)

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