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SCWiki (pronounced "squeaky") is the ScottishClimbs wiki. In fact, it is now used for the majority of the content on the site. It has nothing to do with the wiki software called scWiki.

A wiki allows for community inputting and editing of information and is a perfect fit for the collaborative ethos of ScottishClimbs.

So, who's fault is this lot anyway?

ScottishClimbs was originally written, back in 2001, by Mark Somerville, with lots of help from Michael Tweedley and James Sheffield. Mark is still in charge of the technical programming and system administration stuff with Mike Lauder, Dave Redpath and Susan Guest all keeping the content in good shape. Between them they decide on the direction of the site, usually heavily influenced by their mood, some new stuff they fancy playing with and sometimes by pizza and beer.

The site is largely self-funded, with some donations (see that button near the top?) from some lovely, lovely users who find it useful.

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