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Mark Somerville - 14/10/2003

Hoodies and girlie tops will be soon be available for donators to, we're just waiting until we get enough pre-orders to afford to order them. As we don't expect the demand for these items to be as high as for the t-shirts, we will only be ordering them when we have built up enough orders, both for the first batch and any subsequent batches. You can guarantee you get yours in the first batch by donating now on the clothing page. The hoodies are excellent quality navy blue affairs, with a large, comfy fit and a big toasty double lined hood. They feature the same icon print as the t-shirts on the front and a lovely embroidered logo on the left sleeve. Yours if you donate just £35 (plus £2.50 p & p).

The girls tops will complete the 'icon' range by featuring the icon print on the front and the logo embroidered on the back just below the collar. Ability to donate for these tops will be added very soon. Expected required donation is £15 (plus 2.50 p & p).

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