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You can now view ScottishClimbs as a series of linked notes on your iPod.


Why not? Although there are no images in the notes you might be able to use some guides when you're out and about. Or perhaps you're so into SC that you just have to read it on the bus. But, yeah, it's mainly just a geeky thing.


Dead easy - unzip this iPod notes archive and copy the files over to the Notes directory on your iPod. This relies on you being able to use your iPod as a storage device.


The iPod has a limit of 1000 notes. At the time of writing (10/2006) the SC notes archive is less than 400 notes. If you have existing notes, you may not have space for SC. We use a very slightly modified version of this wikipod script to generate the notes - when SC grows too large, we might have a re-think about how the script decides which pages to put in the archive.

Currently, the notes archive is updated every week, very early on Friday morning.

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