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Mark Somerville - 05/01/2003

As you've probably noticed the site's had a bit of a facelift which should make it a little more eye friendly! But the site doesn't just look prettier than before - it's been completely re-coded so should be quicker to download and easier to use. If you find the site looks completely wrong (you'll know) the chances are that the browser you're using isn't capable of displaying CSS correctly. Check out the about us page for what you can do about that.

We've pruned the photo gallery to get rid of some of the ones are weren't so good and put up 3 videos for you all to download. The new routes database has been re-written and is hopefully easier to use. Take a look around and see what you think. As usual, any comments welcome in the forums.

Thanks to the usual crowd - Me(!), Mike L, Mike T and Dave R for their help as well as Alastair M and Daniel B for some cool ideas for the site. Look out for some more cool stuff coming from the team in the future. Take it easy.

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