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Sorry, this competition is now closed.

The winners were Dominic Kehoe, Donald Slater and Anna Trybis.

As the year draws to a close we hope you’ve all got some good memories of life out on the crags in 2007. To help keep you psyched through the long winter nights ScottishClimbs has acquired some swag to giveaway.

Up for grabs we have the following:

  • Stone Play Books – The latest publication from Stone Country profiling bouldering on a global scale.
  • Committed DVDs – The latest movie from Hotaches Productions documenting UK trad climbing.
  • Quality Posters – Signed posters of Dave Macleod climbing Metal Core F8c+, at the Anvil Argyll.

All you need to do is to answer these simple questions:

  • A. Who made the first ascent of Midnight Lighting at Camp 4 Yosemite?
  • B. Who climbed the Fawcet classic Lord of the Files E6 6b by fading head torch?
  • C. In 50 words or less tell us your favorite climbing style and why?

Send your answers to titled 'ScottishClimbs Comp'. If you can't leave it to luck to get your hands on these goodies then Stone Play can be purchased from Cordee and Committed from Hotaches online.

Good luck.

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