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Well, the time has come to close the doors on ScottishClimbs. Over the last few years, activity and involvement of both the users and administrators has slowed and I think it seems like a reasonable time to wrap things up.

Edits on ScottishClimbs will be disabled, but the site itself will still be accessible - there is a lot of cool information in there that we want to continue to make available. We are going to do this by taking a static snapshot of the site and serving plain HTML files, rather than running a wiki. We're doing this rather than just keeping the wiki running so that we have one less thing to manage. It will also make downloading the entire site possible, in case that's of any use to anyone. There is a copy of the old forums tucked away somewhere too - if we find the time, we'll be able to make a copy of that available too. This is all planned for "sometime in the near-ish future". Interpret that how you will, but don't expect it to happen today!

I expected to feel a bit sad when this time came, but it just feels right now that SC is entering the final stages of its life. Running ScottishClimbs has been a truly amazing experience for me and I've loved it all. I hope you got something good out of it too. Thanks to everyone who has been involved with building the site and the community - you made it what it is. Extra special thanks go to my fellow administrators: Dave Redpath, Mike Lauder, Susan Guest and Michael Tweedley. They worked as tirelessly as me and it was always an excellent and fun experience.

Happy climbing!


Mark Somerville

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