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Things have been pretty quiet at ScottishClimbs recently. This is simply because we've all been trying to squeeze as much summer/not winter out of the season as we can and have been occupied with plenty of other things.

No panic though - we're still here and have more plans than ever before for ScottishClimbs. SC3 is still under development (albeit much slower recently), there are plenty of articles that we'll be getting up soon and we're in the process of migrating to our new web server.

We have been testing the new server for a few months now and are happy to report it is much faster and more reliable than the current host. Any period of downtime we have encountered has been pretty short and we also haven't had any of the database crashes that have plauged ScottishClimbs of late. We will also have lots more space and bandwidth to play with, so we will be getting loads more videos up there too.

Massive thanks to Alien Rock for donating enough money to make the switch to the new hosts possible! Enjoy the rest of the season!

Reported by Mark Somerville (30-07-2004)

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