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Request for Action Pictures

An SMC guidebook to Scottish Sport Climbs is about to reach production stage. We are now looking for photos to illustrate the guide. As well as good action photos other photos capturing the essence of sport climbing are welcome. Some people have already sent photos (some several years ago!), we still have these.   If you have any you think would be of use then we would be keen to see them. Slides are still okay but most folk send digital images nowadays.   You can either send a CD (or slides) in the post to Andy Nisbet, or email him digital images. I have attached some informaton on digital photos - read this before sending your photographs.  

Andy's address is 20 Craigie Avenue, Boat of Garten, PH24 3BL. Email:

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Digital Photographs for SMC guidebooks

1) Photos from 4 megapixel cameras are adequate, 5 megapixel and above are preferred.

2) We require the original files exactly as downloaded from the camera. Please do not reformat, sharpen, colour or contrast adjust your photos. If you wish to do this to a copy to show us you have a picture with potential, fine, but it is not essential. We want the unadjusted photo taken in highest quality JPEG format. TIFF or RAW formats are also acceptable.

3) Please be selective with the photos you send. Weed out the poor ones, we only want to see the best. And please do not send more than 2 or 3 almost identical shots.

4) Please include name of route, grade, names of climbers and name of person to be credited with the photo. We also require your address and phone no. or email address.

Digital photos burned onto a disc and posted

1) Please be selective with the photos you send. A maximum of about 40 images is usually enough.

2) Please if possible include a printout (any size/any quality/several on a sheet) of your photos. This makes our work a lot easier.

3) The name of the route, grade, names of climbers and name of person to be credited with the photo are best written on the printout.

4) Unfortunately CDs and printouts cannot be returned.

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