Sharma Completes World's Hardest

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Mark Somerville - 26/07/2001

Biographie at Ceuse in France is graded 8c+ and has only been repeated by Sharma and Sylvain Millet. This route, however terminates at a half-height chain. Chris Sharma has now completed one of his most important projects ever by linking this routes into the 8b+ headwall above, which includes a 7C+ crux before which there are no rests whatsoever. In 1997 he dedicated a month to the project and estimates that he fell from the high crux around 30 times before completion. He took just three days to complete the original route. Typically, Sharma has not graded this route, but it has been speculated that it is the hardest in the world with a grade of 5.15a/F9a+. Good Effort!

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