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ScottishClimbs site contributions have tailed off for a couple of years now as its main members have become busy elsewhere. Our main sources tend to be feed from blogs, forums and other sites.

Even before the wiki scene kicked off we knew we were looking for a contribution based, editable site that was peer reviewable. Enter MediaWiki, after a few months integration you have the site you see today. What this means for you is that you can add your own news, guides, articles, events etc on content you see as significant. We have a help page on how to add items and some helpful moderators you can always ask questions.

Our current focus will be on finding relevant Scottish news. We feel a lot of the smaller significant scottish stories we'd like to report on are missed. If you know of any new ascents, significant repeats, personal achievements or other major events then please report them here. At the very least flag them in the forums.

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