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The bouldering season is here and Stone Play has just been published!

This is the first collection of bouldering writing and photography ever to have been published. It’s a global tour through the history of bouldering, including writing from as early as Oscar Eckenstein and Harold Raeburn, through to the modern era, including Klem Loskot, Jacky Godoffe, Bernd Zangerl and Dave MacLeod. We have Niall Grimes, John Palmer and Nick Dixon on the Peak; we have Geoff Dyer on Hampi; Tim Carruthers on Patagonia; Jacky Godoffe on Fontainebleau…. from the ‘golden age’ of American bouldering we have Pat Ament and John Gill... the list goes on.

The book is an elegant landscape format with full colour and B&W photography, it would surely make a perfect Christmas gift for a boulderer!

The book is 160 pages, only £19.95 and available in all decent bookshops, or online through Cordee dsitributors:

If you enjoy bouldering, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this unique book,

John Watson

See review here.

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