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Bernd Zangerl exploring new granite. (Stone Country Press)

Stone Play – The Art of Bouldering is the second publication to come from Stone Country Press, following on from the widely successful Stone Country – Bouldering in Scotland.

The new book takes the reader on a historical voyage through bouldering on a global scale, beginning with international pioneers through to modern day thugs, technicians and spiritualists. Edited by John S. Watson, it documents climbing in both well visited and more obscure venues across the world. Sharing a similar format to Stone Country, the book mixes fine photography and short essays roughly divided into sections on history, landscape, technique and the futuristic. The prints excellently portray the many aspects of bouldering, from aggression, technicality and confusion, to calm, subtlety and mastery. The essays complement the prints, taking the reader into the minds of some of bouldering's main protagonists – old and new. Overall this is a thought-provoking book for any climber, prompting personal reflection on one's own style, attitude and habits.

Taking no rest, the third publication is on its way: The Stone Country Companion to Bouldering in Scotland – so look out for that one soon.

The book can be purchased through Cordee, or see the Stone Country website for more details.

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