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Bolts317:44, 19 September 2010

Chatting to someone who climbed at Benny Beg recently - apparently the lowest bolt hanger on some route are missing

SusanG22:23, 8 September 2010

Thieving rats! I replaced 10+ bolts at bennybeg a couple of years ago cos of this...

Alan McDonald00:39, 10 September 2010

I noticed that when i was there in June. It's the first bolt on most of the routes thats been cut off. looked like it had been done a while ago tho

Leggyann00:01, 11 September 2010

Most of the first hangers on sector 1 have been removed. they've left the bolts tho... Sector 2 is ok.. Thieving gits!!

Patesey17:44, 19 September 2010
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