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Not sure which area of North-East Outcrops luath stones falls under maybe someone (local) could add it to the right area - I have put it in the guides section. Susan Guest 10:32, 8 June 2006 (BST)

Lonely Journey V0/5a fa John Hunter, worked, 7-6-6


Located on the main face of The Lone Boulder Start left side of face, on small ledge, traverse right keeping low towards the middle of the face (do not use the obvious crack for hands) From middle, rise and rock up onto right foot on right side flake. Stand this and move left rising slightly without using the small grassy ledge at base of crack, cont left and finish up left most side of face to top. Using neither arete, only touching top on last move. (using aretes, ledge and crack lower grade to 4a/b) Crimpy and requiring delicate feet on mix of smears and small edges

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