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7aMax Scottish Sport Climbing Guide011:49, 29 October 2012
Who has been climbing on Tanera Beag - Summer Isles209:56, 24 September 2012
Scotlands Sports Climbing Guide....dead or alive...421:05, 7 May 2012
Robert crushes the project ASBO E7 7a318:09, 31 December 2010
The Great Climb215:24, 28 August 2010
Scottish climbers Afghan first ascents016:53, 26 August 2010
Recent sends End May 2010500:51, 1 June 2010
Climber Dies at Legaston Quarry Dundee120:29, 28 May 2010

7aMax Scottish Sport Climbing Guide

Confused at Kirrie? Mystified at Moy? Afraid of Arbroath?

No Longer! A dedicated sport climbing guide for Scotland is finally here!

7aMax Scottish Sport : A Selected Guide covers the best sport areas the country has to offer, with detailed descriptions of routes up to 7a+ (Dont worry, the hardest routes are also on the topos!)

116 full colour topos
Over 50 maps
14 previously unpubished crags
Multilingual introduction and keys

7aMax is a user-friendly guide to let you make the most of your weekend.

For more information, and sample pages, visit

The book will be available online and in outdoor retailers from Mid Novermber, and is available to pre-order now!


Dr Toph (talk)11:49, 29 October 2012

Who has been climbing on Tanera Beag - Summer Isles

Team Mackenzie were out on their summer trip in aug and noticed some chalk on the cave but interestingly enough not on the crux of ASBO. but a nut left behind on it has gone. ???

who ? did you like ? and what grade did you give your new route ? looks fab fun

and good effort - well done
Ruairidh (talk)16:46, 17 August 2012

Has the left arete of the cave been climbed? Looks like it would be great, maybe as a DWS?

Chris F (talk)15:40, 13 September 2012

unclimbed as far as im aware iv been round under the arete and with a good high tide, i reckon it would be a good DWS prob go as a worthwhile trad route at E3/4

Ruairidh (talk)09:56, 24 September 2012

Scotlands Sports Climbing Guide....dead or alive...

What ever happend to this? A few months ago someone was looking for photos for the guide with a release expected not too long after.... Does anyone know whats going on with it?


Angus13:46, 26 August 2011

Andy Nisbet was asking for information a year ago to complete the new SMC Scottish Sport guide. I guess it's in his hands.

Raymond6718:01, 27 August 2011

The Scottish Sport guide is in production but is waiting for the Skye guides to be published. The hope that it will be out in the spring 2012 is optimistic but won’t be long afterwards. Pictures and new routes are still welcome.

Andy Nisbet09:27, 12 September 2011

Hi Andy

any more news on sport guide dates?

regards Mark

Mark McGowan00:51, 21 January 2012

Is there any progress on this Andy? I was hoping to get a hold of a copy for the summer. ANC

Angus (talk)21:05, 7 May 2012

Robert crushes the project ASBO E7 7a

Ruairidh17:17, 20 August 2010

[edit] ASBO

Route: ASBO, E7 7a

Climber: Robert Mackenzie

Video: Team Mackenzie

Desc: Strong youth Robert climbing one of the hardest routes on the islands Comments

Nice one Robert, looks like a real adventure. What French grade do you reckon? Which island is on?


Michael Lee18:37, 20 August 2010

Cheers - Good timing - was just looking for a front page vid

SusanG11:17, 21 August 2010

Did it get written up? If not it wont be in the next guide book.

ColinMoody18:09, 31 December 2010

The Great Climb


he is the equivalent, in terms of ability, of Cristiano Ronaldo or Chris Hoy.


Good to see climbing out there on T.V., but I only hope the danger part isn't over cooked and no one mentions the f word... (that's "free" climbing by the way).

Michael Lee22:51, 26 August 2010

Er why do they bother using ropes when they have those wingsuit things?

DaveR23:12, 26 August 2010

Is it streamed on the web anywhere?

Mark Somerville15:24, 28 August 2010

Scottish climbers Afghan first ascents

BBC link:

DaveR16:53, 26 August 2010

Recent sends End May 2010

Al Coull has dispatched Merchant of Menace 8b at Balmashanner last week. Today Will Atkinson dispatched Fire Power 8b at the Anvil on his first session making the 3rd one day ascent of this bouldery 8b.

DaveR20:52, 31 May 2010

nice one...

Mark McGowan21:01, 31 May 2010

good article!

Michael Lee22:41, 31 May 2010

Made better by TomCE proof - I got carried away and forgot to smell check.

DaveR23:54, 31 May 2010

Yeah, I was wondering what that funny stain was down the left-hand side of the page - I thought you would probably want it removed...

TomCE00:06, 1 June 2010

Spell/Mind bleach required after before 11am and after 4pm I reckon :)

DaveR00:51, 1 June 2010

Climber Dies at Legaston Quarry Dundee

Bad news

DaveR18:43, 28 May 2010

Oh baws, that's bad news.

I'm intrigued as to what this means:

He was said to have fallen about 40ft shortly in the incident, which happened at about 1445 BST.


Condolences to any friends and family.

Fultonius20:29, 28 May 2010
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