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Hazard Descent on North Descent Route Poleny Crag At Dunkeld112:25, 19 April 2012

Hazard Descent on North Descent Route Poleny Crag At Dunkeld

On 31st May whilst descending from Poleny (Dunkeld) on the North side of the crag we found an accident waiting to happen. After passing Left and Right Hand Cracks we arrived at the top of the descent gully. The tree at the top of this has been blown over in the recent gales. The base is still where its roots/stump is. The trunk is suspended horizontally facing downhill over the gully resting on some smaller trees. It looks unstable and unsafe. If it came down whilst folk were descending in the gully it would be catastrophic. I'm not sure who to tell or whose responsibility it is to make it safe. I have sent a message to the M C of S and also to UK Climbing but thought that this potential hazard should be widely publicised to minimise the possibility of a serious accident.

Alistair Montgomery21:35, 1 June 2011

the estate may be able to remove this, if it can be done simply by ground staff chain sawing it, but understandably they will not fork out for a tree surgeon as there is no requirement for a natural feature to be "made safe." So if anyone is at Craig a Barns / Polney in the near future, please could you let MCofS ( know whether it is possible to stand in a stable position with the tree in easy reach, also photos would be useful. The estate will then be able to assess whether they can send someone up to remove the tree. This is a favour by Atholl Estate so would be great to get this info from climbers to enable to do us this favour

Mcofs11:04, 13 June 2011
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