The Whangie

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Rock type: Basalt


Directions & Approach



TODO: Climbing Intro

The Gendarme

TODO: Gendarme Intro

Spider Slab 4m, S 4a
Blaeberry Crack 4m, VD
Mossy Slab, Right 4m, S *
Mossy Slab, Left 4m, D **
Staircase Crack 4m, Easy
The Bulge 4m, HS 4b *
Bird's Nest 5m, VD ***
Red Crack 5m, VD
Red Slab 5m, VD
Windswept Wall 5m, S 4a
Upturned Left 5m, VD
Upturned Flake 5m, HVS 5a *
Angel Corner 7m, HVS 5a
Angel Direct 6m, HVS 5a *
Heartbreak Corner 5m, E1 5b **
Knife Edge 5m, E2 5b
Hangover Overhang 5m, VS 4b
Whodunnit 5m, E2 5c
Trench Wall 5m, VD *
Barrowland Bulge 4m, S 4a
Backsnapper Crack 4m, VD
Gendarmerie 25m, 4a

Number One Face

TODO: Number One Face Intro

Triangle 3m, VS 4c *
Thin Crack 4m, VS 5a
Finger Exercise 8m, E1 5b
Recess Route 8m, VS 4b *
Cave Crack 10m, VS 4c
Grim Wall 10m, HVS 5a
Sou' West Rib 10m, VD
Snowy Traverse 12m, 4a
Cave Chimney 10m, VD *
Easy Chimney 8m, D
Easy Wall 7m, VD
Easy Groove 7m, D
Vampire Crack 10m, VS 4c **
Vampire Rib 10m, HVS 4c
Ivy Crack 10m, HS 4b ***
Ivy Rib 10m, E1 5a
Backstep Chimney 12m, HS 4b **
Backbreak Wall 13m, VS 4c
Bluebottle 15m, E3 5b
Sudden Death 15m, E3 6a
Flukealong 10m, S 4a
Hedgehog 15m, E2 5c *
Curving Crack 15m, HVS 5a ***
Sloping Ledge 15m, HS 4b *
Overhanging Cleft 10m, HVS 5a *
Toenail Traverse 12m, VS 4c
Agnew's Wall 10m, VS 4b
Rowan Rib 8m, VS 4c **
Sunshine Crack 8m, VS 4c *

Number Two Face

TODO: Number Two Face Intro

Be-Bop 7m, VD *
Monk's Wall 7m, E1 5b
Ladybird Layback 8m, VD *
Ladybird Direct 7m, E1 5b
Militant Tendency 7m, E1 5b
Nocibur Wall 10m, VS 4b **
Ruth's Route 10m, VS 4c **
Whippenwoof Wall 10m, S 4a *
Gremlin Groove 10m, VD *
Mantelshelf Wall 10m, S 4a *
Varsity Groove 10m, VD
McBain's Wall 10m, VS 4c **
Rowan Tree Groove 12m, D *
Fallen Tree Arête 12m, VD *
Fallen Tree Groove 12m, S 4a
Young's Route 12m, S 4a *
Allison's Route 12m, VS 4b *
Ripple Wall 12m, HVS 5a
Long John's Wall 12m, HVS 5a
Hutch's Route 8m, S
Needle Route 7m, M
Novice Overhang 6m, D
Novice Crack 6m, M
Jughandle Arête 7m, M
Arrowhead Arête 15m, D
Tidemark 45m, E1 5a

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