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Hi Tom Having not been on during the old forum system, I cant compare, but I think the point is: - has user interaction reduced since the new system? if so (dramatically), then the general user is not finding the process of posting easy enough? And ironically cant voice their opinion by posting it...

if Postings are much of a muchness, then there is no problem with with system, just lack of interaction. which is a more subtle issue requiring a different approach i suppose?


Mark McGowan08:25, 26 April 2010

Actually the old site sometimes went weeks without posts too :)

If anyone does want to comment and can't log in and do so here they can always email us (or even post to one of our blogs).

I agree the new system is 'diffrent', but AFAIK the option of going back to the old forum doesn't exist (there may be other new options - if you want us to explore on let us know).

Stylistically it's pretty basic - but in terms of functionallity it's got some pretty nice features (discussions linked to guides - that's got the potential to be pretty powerful!)

Susan Guest09:32, 26 April 2010
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