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Today I suggested in the comments book at Ibrox climbing GCC to, "stop the corrupting the youth with V-grades", anonymously of course. The reply, equally anonymously, came, "LOL NO". Opinions please? I get the feeling V-grades are a cop out, to avoid confusion with routes. Surely it's better in the long run to sort out the confusion straight away with beginners rather than wait till they try and go climbing outside and get very very confused (as opposed to just slightly confused). It's not hard, Font 6c doesn't equal french 6c. I don't want people asking me "What's that in V-grades" - I'm not cleaning up the mess climbing walls are making! Joking there really, I don't mind helping people see the light.

I don't know what grades other walls are using.

Michael Lee19:18, 23 January 2011

The first quote I hear was that climbing wall grades were stiff to make it easier on our egos when they venture outside, eh?

WRT V grades: Their giving roped routes V grades???

DaveR13:11, 24 January 2011
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