Craigmore tree pruning - NO!!!

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...shocked to see the extent of tree damage at Craigmore by an overzealous climber. Trees have been unnecessarily chopped at Extra-Arete and at Wizard...there is no excuse for this as all problems can be climbed with trees intact... this is an environmentally sensitive area and climbing could be banned. Some cleaning of moss on holds might be tolerable, but chopping trees is not the way we want to see climbers behaving.

If I see anyone using a saw out here, I'll kick their ass... keep the blades away from the place, it gets trashed enough by fires and litter, so STOP IT!

Irish John14:52, 7 April 2012

Save the trees. How bad is it? We should really try to not fuck up Craigmore, it's great.

Michael Lee22:16, 9 April 2012
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