Top-ropers @ central outcrops!!

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I had a bit of a rant at this crag recently, although the circumstances where somewhat different... After cleaning a bunch of problems and the lower half of many routes - to provide me a tricky traverse warm up - on a glorious day last month, the dog and I were sitting at the foot of the crag having a minutes rest. Enjoying the view I tucked into my pieces. Then suddenly and without an utterance from above a mighty black 11mm static comes whipping down, dissecting me and my canine chum! After realising it was a youth group I curbed the blue language and left with nothing which came near to an apology for ignoring basic climbing etiquette. Only to find that the same plonkers had boxed in my motor! I hope their insurance was comprehensive ha!

Alan McDonald01:19, 9 August 2010

...those 'pesky youth groups'....:-)

Mark McGowan08:58, 9 August 2010

... and thus the thread, was dead. :P

Alan McDonald17:26, 9 August 2010
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