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The Forestry Commission have diggers doing their thing on the track leading up to Turbinal Nose, and a 'no access' sign at the parking place at the bottom of the track. Will see if I can find out more about what they are doing.

TomCE20:03, 21 April 2011

Work is apparently planned to be finished by the 20th of May, possibly a bit earlier.

TomCE20:03, 6 May 2011

It would seem that they have been dumping earth and rock down either side of the boulder which has affected the climbs either side of turbinal nose....could affect the problem if they continue to dump. Might be possible to terrace under turbinal with the new earth, anyone heading up should take a shovel! Did you just contact the forestry commission direct before tom or go through mcofs....

Punkpunk (talk)17:21, 4 May 2012
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