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Until about the end of July this is the time when you have to be especially careful about potentially disturbing birds at their nests, or later on fledglings that are nearby and still dependent on their parents for food and hunting lessons. Climbers are mostly reliant on each other for info where the birds are this season. The MCofS is getting together a yearly rundown of the situation each year, and this should be out later this week hopefully. To do this we need reliable reports which we can then let you all know about through the website so you can plan your climbing trips. We need to know where there is a bird issue and where there is sometimes, but not this year. You will find the list of known possible issue locations on the second last page of (apologies for the long address but wanted to give a direct link). Let us know at hebe(at)mcofs(dot)org(dot)uk. It’s all about us climbers getting out and having fun, but without the danger of getting into trouble with the police. If you want to know the legal details, check out the information on MCofS Advice or Access pages. Our access rights are dependent on conducting ourselves responsibly; taking responsibility for yourself, for the environment and respecting the interests of others. Have a great rock season and check back on the website through spring and early summer for info!

Mcofsβ€Ž14:38, 26 April 2011

Here is the latest update from the MCofS for 2011 rock season. If you plan to climb before end of July, then check out this vital information to help keep you within the law. This is the first year when this has been prepared in co-operation with bird groups making this the most reliable and comprehensive Scottish information to date - check out the alerts at

Mcofsβ€Ž15:30, 28 April 2011

just a wee reminder that this years definite info on nest on climbing crags has been updated twice this week - keep an eye on the MCofS site over the early summer

Mcofsβ€Ž15:46, 5 May 2011
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