What are the best/worst things about SC?

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Here's some thoughts - please feel free to join in


  • Our sport guides get good use
  • No fluff
  • I like the community ethos (eg don't moan, sort it out yourself


  • It's like winter doesn't exist
  • People seem to find it too "techy" to use the wiki (although i'm soo non-techy and i can do it - it's just text mostly)
  • the people who run SC (with the exception of dave) are non-scene so not really that in touch with everything going on
Susan Guest17:05, 1 April 2010


  • Guides
  • Knowledge of people on the former forum


  • No pictures, no videos. Can we embed pictures from flickr into the wiki discussions?
  • Poor news section
  • Slow traffic.

Let's keep in touch with our climbing peers using SC, let's leave facebook for the drunken nights out, farmville and pictures of girls making faces like ducks!

Michael Lee18:28, 1 April 2010
Slow traffic

What do you mean - the speed of the site? Or number of users?

Mark Somerville18:50, 1 April 2010

I meant that, in the past, very little seemed to be going on. Hopefully this new style will encourage people to contribute and keep things up to date.

Michael Lee22:23, 1 April 2010
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  • reasonable lead time on news as it is user driven?
  • admin is prepared to make it work


  • same as above - no pictures or video
  • architecture of navigation and historic archives etc is not too user friendly for non tech
  • a clear format that attracts news that is reader focussed and is consistent for people to reference and input news - I love to hear who has been on what etc
markmcgowan0118:51, 1 April 2010
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