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I was thinking the other night we need a wiki howto on the main page - I think the majority of users to SC really do not realise just what it is. You wouldn't go onto a majority of read only website and edit away!!!

Number one on the wiki how to should be where to add your info - begining with searching for similar information and topics before you start adding anything.

I'm guilty of falling into this trap ;)

Dredpath15:34, 20 April 2010

A related point: I was looking at the MediaWiki site last night for a tutorial on how to mark-up wiki pages. One great aspect of using a wiki is that users can simply look at the code to see how to do something they like the look of - as long as they can actually see an example of something in use on a page. If there was a page on SC with a comprehensive list of examples of ways of marking-up pages, it would increase ease of use / flatten the learning curve. I didn't find a whole load of information after a brief search last night, but I'll add what I do find to the How-to Page, unless anyone beats me to it.

TomCE22:51, 28 April 2010
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