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Dave Redpath - 20/09/2003

On Saturday the 20th September Dave Macleod made the second ascent of Scott Muirs Too Fast Too Furious (TFTF) M12, his 6th attempt spread over 4 days. The route which is an 20m extension out of Fast and Furious M11 which he repeated in June. TFTF extends along a hanging rib into a poor rest before breaking out of the cave through a further roof section. This involves a total of 35 meters climbing at a mean angle of 70 degrees.

Daves first redpoint prematurely ended on day 3 when an axe hook ripped through, leaving Dave infuriatingly on the cave floor and an axe defiantly stuck in the ceiling. After retrieving the axe and an anxious rest Dave went for it again this time using a few sly rests along the way involving hanging completely upside down from heel spurs. After sailing past the earlier highpoint several grunts seen him through the remaining cruxies to exit the cave triumphant.

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