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Featured Videos

High Dive at Auchinstarry Quarry

Route: High Dive E3 5c*, Auchinstarry Quarry

Climber: Denis

Video: Denis 20/08/2012

Desc: This route is on the Mascarade Buttress with 2 large stakes for anchors. I climbed this between heavy showers because the route dried fast. Comments

The Hill

Route: The Hill

Climber: Kev Hall

Video: Andy Moles, September 2011

Desc: Kev takes on a Creag Dubh classic Comments


Route: ASBO E7 7a

Climber: Robert Mackenzie

Video: Ruairidh Mackenzie , August2010

Desc: Robert Mackenzie on the First ascent of ASBO E7 7a on Tanera Beag, Summer Isles Comments

Pabbay and Mingulay

Route: Various

Climber: Various

Video: Andy Moles, June 2010

Desc: A trip to the islands (Pabbay and Mingulay) to climb the finest gneiss known to man Comments


Route: Firefight Font 8b (hard).

Climber: Malcolm Smith

Video: Will Atkinson 20/04/2010

Desc: Malc sending the improbable sit start to Firestarter Comments

Dumby Problems

Route: Various, Dumbarton Rock, Dumbarton.

Climber: Mike Lee

Video: Mike Lee 18/04/2010

Desc: Some medium difficulty problems at Dumbarton Rock. Comments

Arisaig Cave

Route: All The Small Things Font 8a, Arsaig, Highlands

Climber: Dave MacLeod

Video: Pete Murray 18/04/2010

Desc: Pete Murray's recent film about Dave MacLeod's newly discovered bouldering cave. Comments

Le Saboteur

Route: Le Saboteur, Font 8a+, Dumbarton Rock.

Climber: Malc Smith

Video: Ross Henighen 18/04/2010

Desc: Malc Smith climbs Sabotage into Le Tour de Technique to give another mega Dumbarton link-up. Comments

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