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Jack Willoughby - 01/11/2001

Climbing is by miles my favourite sport. I started climbing because I had to go on a school trip that involved climbing and as I was scared of heights I decided to go to Alien Rock to overcome my fear. I really enjoyed the climbing at Alien Rock and it made me become more confident with both climbing and with heights. I also learnt that it was OK to fall off the wall - as long as you were properly roped.

At the school trip I loved the climbing and I climbed the wall with no real problem. I felt really good after the climbing and when my feet touched the ground as I finished, I was extremely scared - but oddly enough had a strange sensation to go back on the wall and climb it again. This is when my passion for climbing started.

I began to go to Alien Rock on a regular basis and became more familiar with the routes and the techniques used. After a while, during the summer holiday, I was asked if I would like to come on a Wednesday afternoon when there were special small classes for keen young climbers. Of course I said yes, and so began climbing two or three times a week.

As well as the roped climbing at Alien Rock, I began to go regularly to Alien 2. I try to climb for about 6-7 hours each week - sometimes more if I don't have too much homework!

My favourite thing is bouldering - I hope to enter the Brits next year and hopefully get a good position, but after next year I may not do any roped climbs, only bouldering. As well as enjoying getting fitter and a better at climbing, I have enjoyed meeting new friends. Most are adults who have all been so helpful and encouraging.

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